Outside the Box – Earth Arts Rights

We are living in a world that increasingly needs radical acts of fairness. Outside the Box – Earth Arts Rights was formed to connect, amplify, nurture and support people working at the intersection of environmental protection, the arts and social justice.

We are four friends whose hearts and minds have been engaged with these topics most of our lives. We work with many different people and projects. Some of this involves auspicing projects. At other times we help with design, editing and publication of ideas. We also invite people into collaborations they would otherwise never discover, opening new perspectives and suggesting resources, and we join our skills and knowledge with those of others to achieve positive changes.

Our website is currently under construction, so stay tuned! In the meantime we would like to share one of our recent projects with you.

Recent Project

Rafting A Wheelchair Won’t Stop Us!

By creating artwork and story-telling, I want to shift perspectives and promote inclusion in schools and help to start conversations among students from a wide range of ages about looking at people with disability as people first:
See me and not my disability!

Janelle McMillan

Cover of the book ‘Rafting – A Wheelchair Won’t Stop Us!’ by Janelle McMillan.

Janelle McMillian is an artist and author who has cerebral palsy. While she describes herself as non-verbal she has a lot to say. She is feisty, determined and smart. The Outside the Box team has worked with Janelle to publish her children’s book ‘Rafting – A Wheelchair Won’t Stop Us!’.

First published in 2018 as part of The People’s Library created by A Published Event, this new edition is supported by an accompanying set of Teachers’ Notes and a short documentary film.

The book and Teachers’ Notes package is available free of charge to all Tasmanian schools and educational institutions.

Individuals can also purchase copies of the book from Fullers Bookshop.

Outside the Box thanks its funding supporters Hobart City Council and Bellendena Small Grants Scheme.